Cannot edit draft after creation with Voiceover

Hi, running Ios 17.1 with Drafts 41.1

After creating a new draft, I cannot double tap the text field if I select this draft or another in inbox. I don’t know why this happens, just started happening today for me. But it basically makes Drafts into a 1-shot deal and I have to make a new draft to put in more content. Any ideas?

To reproduce
Turn on Voiceover on Ios
Note: your gestures will change due to how voiceover works. Double tap an item to get it to select
Open Drafts
New draft appears
Type or dictate text into draft
Go out of Drafts app.
Go back into Drafts, and it might say, “text field, is editing,” in which case, yes, I can type into it. See next steps for main issue
Press the Drafts button at top left of screen to show inbox,
Select a draft, maybe a different one if you have more than one in the inbox
If you double tap the text field when that draft is selected, Voiceover does not announce, “text field, is editing, insertion point at end,”
Voiceover says, “text field,”

You can read the draft, but you can’t edit it. I hope I explained this well enough, if not please tell me and I can try and clarify.