Can Markdown link within a Drafts document

I’m not sure whether this is the right part of the forum to ask, but I’m trying to figure out how I can link within a given Draft document to a Markdown heading elsewhere in the same document. I know this is more a Markdown syntax issue, but perhaps there is an implementation of this or similar functionality in Drafts that I can use. I know HTML has this functionality since its origins.

Thanks, David

I think you want this bit in the docs.

Brilliant. Thank you. I knew it must be there; just so many hooks and options. Much appreciated. David

Not sure what your use case is, but if you are just looking to navigate within longer drafts, there is already a navigation feature which does not require any alteration of the text to navigate to headers.

I was aware of the navigation feature, but I was also wondering if you could have a generic Markdown link to navigate to an internal section if you had the same Draft text in another Markdown-aware editor (such as NVAlt). Thanks, David

Yes. HTML provides for links and Markdown follows that pattern. What you have to do is figure out the anchor id for each heading. I’m not sure how well Drafts can help you with that…

… The trouble is there is no standard for anchor IDs as generated when Markdown is converted to HTML. I’m running into that with my projects on GitHub.