Can I set the badge filter to show untagged OR tagx?

I would like to use the app badge to show how many untagged items AND how many “followup” tagged items are in the inbox. In other words, I need an OR function.

The badge filter seems to be able to show how many items have ALL chosen tags, but not ANY of the chosen tags.

Is there any way to do this? If not, can @agiletortoise please add this as a feature request?

Try a tag filter of untagged, followup, with Any as the Any | All options for OR searching. Should do what you describe.

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The workspace tag filter lets you do this, but I’m talking about the badge tag filter (in the app settings). That one doesn’t have an ANY/ALL toggle. Unless I’m missing something.

I want the little red badge on the Drafts app icon to show the count of all Drafts in the inbox that are either untagged or have the “followup” tag.

FYI, I’m using the default (unnamed) workspace.

You can select a workspace for a badge to count against. Therefore, if you set up a workspace with those settings, you can set the badge settings to use it.

For example, I use a workspace called “Origin” as the basis for my badge count. Origin has various filter options on it.

Ok, got it now. I’ve been trying to use the default workspace as the basis for the app badge count. I edited my default workspace, and set tag filters, but did not actually save it as a new, named workspace. If you don’t do that, you can’t select the “unnamed” default workspace as “default” (if that makes sense).

So I saved the default default as “home” with all my filters, then set “home” workspace as the default. This solves my problem. Thanks so much!

I still find the Manage Workspaces screen to be a bit confusing. The bottom half shows my saved workspaces, including my new “home”. The top half shows the built-in default workspace, which now is essentially the “home” space. It would be less confusing (to me) if the default workspace at the top took on the name of the saved space that it essentially is.

Having said all that, I’m thrilled that I’ve got it working like I want. @agiletortoise, Drafts is still the most important app on any of my devices!