Can I Send Drafts from iOS directly to Obsidian iCloud Vault

Hi, I’ve had no success with an action on iOS to send a draft directly to an Obsidian vault. I’ve placed the vault within the Drafts iCloud Drive folder at its root level. I’m using an action by Sean Higgins (Send to Obsidian with Tags | Drafts Directory) that works perfectly on the Mac, but no luck send the draft from iOS. Is this doable?

Presumably if that is to work on iOS, you would need to have the beta iOS app for Obsidian installed, and that is assuming that app supports the specified URal scheme.

If the vault is in the Drafts folder, I would just create a new file be writing a Markdown file directly rather than going via an x-callback-url. That would then work cross-device and not have to route via the Obsidian app.

Hope that helps.

It is working for me. (I do have Obsidian for iOS installed)

Thanks, slyumer. I don’t have access to the iOS beta. If I simply create a file in the Drafts iCloud folder using the standard action, it appears to be one level above the Obsidian vault I’ve created. I guess I need to know how to create a file one level deeper, within the Vault’s folder, if that is possible. Or somehow make the root level of the Drafts iCloud folder a Vault. I don’t know how to do that, or if it is even possible.

Thank you aroddick. I need to look into the beta program. I presume there is a beta installer available and that no special skills are needed to install.

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At this time you do need to be a catalyst insider (which costs a small fee) for the beta access. But they are very close to opening it up to everyone — it is remarkably polished at this stage.

Assuming whatever action you are using is using the file action step, you would need to set the path parameter to the relative path to your vault.

I have a business license for Obsidia, but that doesn’t give me access to early releases. While I could spend extra to join the supporter levels, my budget simply don’t allow for that at this time.

If you are finding Obsidian useful and are interested in early access, then do consider supporting the devs. Otherwise, like @aroddick noted, it won’t be long before the app surfaces. I saw a note earlier this week that it would probably be in the next few weeks, but there are no guarantees. It is still beta (like the whole app) after all.

If you intend to keep your vault in your Drafts folder, then I would write the file directly rather than using the x-callback-url. It should be faster to write direct.

If you move your vault elsewhere, then the x-callback-url would allow you to add new content with the minimum of effort.