Can I pay for Drafts without Apple?

Is it possible to pay for Drafts without going through Apple? I have been using it for a year, but recently my debit card stopped working with Apple and I can’t repay.

Hi @Liveo13,
I do not know of a way to do it without the Apple App Store.

Two other suggestions:

  • Paypal works great with Apple
  • iTunes Gift Cards should also do the trick. (Here in Germany you can buy them in every electronics discounter and even in most of the supermarkets)

Does this help?

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You could ad another card to your account. I did that every time my credit card data got stolen.

Drafts Pro is only available for purchase via the App Stores at this time. Other options may come down the road, but that’s our only channel right now.

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Thanks, everybody for your replies!!!

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could you solve it then?

Hah. Good point. I did solve it. For some reason, Apple allowed me to pay for this now. Strange, but worth a try if you have the problem. Still can’t pay for anything else with them.

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