Can I integrate Drafts with Zohomail?

Watching the screencast in which David knocks out an email super quick in drafts and then sends it via Mail has me wanting to be able to do the same thing but with Zoho Mail. A few years ago we chose to work with Zoho as they have the tools we need. Mail, invoicing and reporting. I’d rather not have to jump ship, hence my question. Thank you , Andy

I was not familiar with Zoho Mail, but based on a quick look at their website, they are primarily an email host, correct? It looks like you can access your Zoho Mail accounts via standard IMAP and SMTP protocols, so your Zoho account can be setup as a mail account in iOS and used in the Mail app.

If you have that setup, it is just an account and will work with Drafts mail features directly without any additional setup. Even if you use a different app to read your email, if you have the account setup and configured in iOS it can be used to send mail from Drafts using the standard Mail action step.

Thank you so much for your prompt, helpful response. I have not made much use of Mail since joining the Apple community. I will have to have a dig around in the settings as I would very much like to streamline and speed up my work flow. Drafts is such a cracking tool, pared down efficiency, I love it!