Can I customize the CMD+] indent action to get 4 spaces for a markdown bullet list"

I use plain bulleted lists all the time. I’ve adjusted my TAB key to provider 4 spaces so Markdown recognizes that as an indented bullet when I format a list after I’ve created it.

However, sometimes I start the formatting hen I start a list by beginning with a "- " When I hit ENTER, the formating persists as expected. When I use CMD+] to indent a bullet, it doesn’t indent far enough to become a subbullet when I preview in Markdown.

Pressing the Tab key at that point just puts the space after the hyphen, which doesn’t help.

Is there a way to make the CMD+] key combination make a 4 space indent?

The very first line of code in the indent action defines the text to insert. If you want a tab key change it to the following:

// character string used for indent
let indent = "\t";

You will probably want to do the same in the outdent action.