Can Drafts Mac Sync with Drafts 4 on iOS?

I’m using Drafts 4 on iOS. After installing the Mac App via the MAS, no data syncs. Does having the Mac App require Drafts 5?

Yes. You need to be a Drafts 5 user.

So how do I sync? I use Drafts 5 on iOS. I just paid for Drafts Pro on the Mac app, although I already have a Drafts Pro subscription via my iOS app. How do I sync? Should I cancel the Drafts Pro on the iMac? I’m a little confused.

Sync Info <– link to help page

You only need one subscription across all platforms and to be using the same iCloud account.

Is sync enabled on both platforms (see near the bottom of the picture)?

I’m iOS only, so that’s about as far as my suggestions and ideas go!

Thanks for the reply. I’m going to have to reconsider what I’m doing. The iOS devices where I have Drafts installed are my personal devices and I intend them primarily to be used for my own activities. The Mac version of Drafts is on my work computer, which is on a separate iCloud account. Since I don’t want to mix use across work and personal applications, this is going to require re-thinking.

Because of an unfortunate side effect of my cancer treatment, I have a problem with insomnia. When I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, I sometimes dictate ideas or short texts into my Apple watch, tagging them as to context. I had been just emailing any work items to my work email, and transferring texts etc relating to my personal writing projects to Scrivener on my iPad Pro. It looks like I will have to continue doing that in order to avoid any conflicts of interest (or risking problems with my company) created by having everything on one iCloud account.

I think I will still keep Drafts Pro on the company machine. The workspaces capability will come in handy, and probably also the ability to develop actions when/if that is added to the Mac version.

I ran into this issue as well and don’t have any workaround.

Because I pay for iCloud storage for my photos, I use it like Dropbox for lots of various files. I don’t want to sync my large iCloud space to my small work laptop drive. I even tried moving all my files into Documents in iCloud and then I turned off the Documents & Desktop sync, but the laptop started syncing them anyway. There doesn’t appear to be any “don’t sync this” folder in iCloud. Too bad because I would have liked to use Drafts on my work laptop like I previously used NVAlt.

I’ll stick with Drafts on my work laptop, too. It just won’t be as useful as it could have been.

If you set the “Optimize Mac Storage” option for iCloud Drive in System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive Options it will dynamically offload older files you have not accessed, in the same way “Optimize Storage” works for iCloud Photo Library.

So it will use up space, but automatically free space for things as needed. You do not have as much control as you do with Dropbox, but it does the same thing.

Thank you. That would help if it was just a question of space, but there’s files in my iCloud that I would rather not get synced to a work laptop ever. Work frowns upon it, too. It’s just too bad the Apple doesn’t give us more control in this area. I have seen hacks to allow for selective sync, but I don’t think work would be happy with me installing those either :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion! I still LOVE Drafts. I use it every day on my iPad with custom actions to help me write a daily newsletter. It is indispensable!