Can coloured Tags be implemented?

Loving using Drafts - the only thing stopping me from switching completely from Ulysses is the lack of coloured tags.

Is there anyway this could be implemented?

Many thanks

Theres a workaround that I use, it’s ugly but works.

Since Drafts uses HTML Preview, I use the
<span class=“Red”> text here <span>
And just add a custom template for the previews, just adding the classes with any CSS style.

It even works with the live preview, the main problem is that I don’t seem to make it work with multi paragraphs, so I have to add a <span class=“”> to every paragraph

I think the OP means colour coded tags in the Drafts user interface. But I could be mistaken, I’ve never used Ulysses.

Thanks guys and for your suggestion @Zrapata , yes @sylumer yes that’s right I was meaning that.

This and Nested Tags would mean I could reduce my app usage and knock Ulysses and Bear subscriptions on the head!

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