Can an action invoke 'File > Show Preview'?

Hello, all. I’m a new subscriber to Drafts and am really enjoying the advanced features the subscription provides.

Building off some of the actions in the Drafts Directory I’ve created a list management action that uses Markdown. After updating the list, I’d like to automatically display the list using the capability built into the macOS version of Drafts: File > Show Preview.

Is it possible to invoke Show Preview from an action?

Even better, is it possible to use the rendering capabilities built into Show Preview for a draft item that is not displayed?

(Note that I’ve seen actions like Preview - Adjustable that I could incorporate, but my preference would be to use the native Show Preview capability.)

Also, does the iOS and iPadOS versions of Drafts include the Show Preview feature?

Thanks in advance!

The stand alone preview window is available on Mac and iPad. iPhone does not support separate windows. Related docs

There is also an HTML Preview action step that can do much more and is supported on iPhone also. Actions that show previews utilize this functionality. The examples from the directory use this step. It can have simple templates, but also has advanced features

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