Busycal and drafts

is it possible to establish a dialog between BusyCal and drafts?

Looks like there is an example posted in the Directory. That’s usually the best place to start looking for integrations with other apps. Looks like BusyCal has support for some other basic URL schemes that could be used in actions as well.

I might also note that, depending on your configuration, BusyCal may be using standard shared CalDAV calendars that could also be configured in the system, so other types of actions that create calendar events might also work to create events that will appear in BusyCal.

Hope this helps!

Thanks… the quoted action works only on Mac not on iOs…

You might have to contact BusyCal support and ask about the state of their integration support on iOS. Most (but certainly not all) cross-platform apps implement the same URL schemes in both versions of their app.

They may also provide a share extension that can be used with the “Share” action in drafts, or Shortcuts integration that could be used.

I did it…
at the moment no URL schemes support on iOS… pity