Bulleted and numbered lists seem to have different behaviour

When I create a list in Drafts → Marked → RTF → Scrivener, the bulleted lists are fully functional, whereas the numbered lists are not (are like text).
It’s funny because I thought that they were basically the same thing

That’s not really enough information to be of much help troubleshooting. Not sure what you actually doing in each of those steps.

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Check the format at each stage.

  1. Have you definitely got a numbered list in Markdown format to start?
  2. Examine the underlying HTML in Marked. Is it showing <li> elements within an <ol> element as one would expect for an ordered list?
  3. When you have generated the RTF file (?) from Marked, open it into an RTF editor app and confirm the numbered list is still a numbered list at that point and not just lines starting with numbers.
  4. Finally check this against the format in Scrivener … which I think is the point you have reached.

Once you have gone through the links in the chain, you should have a clearer idea of where the issue is occurring.

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thank you. I will review the whole process and get back to you.

@agiletortoise @sylumer
Thank you @sylumer for the troubleshooting checklist. I found the problem in the conversion of Marked to Scrivener.
My apologies to both of you for wasting your time