Bulk import text files


Is there a way to bulk import text files, either on the Mac or in iOS? (i.e., import all my nvALT .md files)


Maybe drag and drop on the Mac or on an iPad?


couldn’t get it to work on Mac at this point. will try iPad later today.


If the files are in a supported cloud location, you could write a script to import them.


Providing that script/functionality in the finished product would make migration from other two-platform software possible for less-technical folks.

We do exist! I mainly write prose, not code. I use ia Writer because I don’t want to have use another cloud for my data.

Would also make Drafts for Mac more attractive for switchers.


FYI for later folks reading this: bulk import is now possible on the Mac app. You can select several files when in the “import” menu command. Works great. Thanks @agiletortoise!


That’s just what I was looking for, thanks!