Bulk exporting multiple drafts as individual text files

Hello Everyone! How can I export multiple drafts to individual text files to index in an app such as Obsidian or Devonthink? When I select multiple drafts and run the export action, it puts them all into a single text file. Thanks!

You can select the drafts and use the run action option from the operations selection to run an action against each selected draft. The delivered as standard “Save to Files” action will then allow you to save each draft to a file. However, you will be prompted for the save each time.

You could create an action that exports to a default location such as this one:

But I think is going to save all drafts. Assuming that is the case, you could modify the action to use a different query to identify which drafts to export. For example using a tag. You could then use another action to batch add the tag to the drafts you want to export (using the run action against selected drafts as above). Your modified action could also remove the export tag from a draft after a successful export.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your reply. I’m not very good at modifying Draft actions but I did find a solution to my problem. I exported my files in JSON format to the Bear app which converted them to text files. I then exported the text files out of the Bear app to a Finder folder.