Bulk Auto Export / Syncing from drafts - Please help

Hi guys,

I use Drafts (via apple watch) as my idea capture tool

And I use Evernote & Ayoa & Todoist in order to organize and utilize all the todos and memos and info I captured using Drafts during the day.

I’ve been trying to find a way to autoexport/sync my drafts notes with these other apps.

But i’m kinda new to ios and the whole methodology of things is new to me.

It is becoming too time consuming to keep sending my drafts one by one using action scripts (i capture close to 300 drafts a day).

Can someone advise me on how to automate the process faster? Isn’t there a way to get the drafts to autosync automatically and push the notes into evernote or todoist? Or at least a way to bulk transfer all the notes at the end of the day? Sending notes one by one seems very … unproductive

Kindly help

There isn’t an auto sync. The only sync is for Drafts’ own data between Drafts instances on multiple devices.

If you can provide more information about why one draft goes to Evernote, another to Ayoa, and another to Todoist we might well be able to suggest a bulk export approach.

i.e. How do you know what to send where and from what set of drafts?

E.g. drafts created today in my inbox tagged Evernote should get sent to Evernote (and then moved to trash).

It may even be useful to combine it with Shortcuts Automation to prompt you to run it.