Bookends-Drafts shortcut problems

I’m not sure if this is a problem with Drafts, with shortcuts, or with my “recipe”, but this automation was working for me, and now doesn’t. It is supposed to take the annotation summary from Bookends , extract the text, then place in a new draft. I swear it was working…and now it doesn’t. I’m wondering if anyone might have some ideas of where the problem lies.

Not sure what happened, but it looks like your parameter assignments got lost in this shortcut somehow. Those entries in the shortcut actions what appear grayed out mean they do not have a value assigned. I think you need to tap on each of those and hook them back up to the appropriate value.

For example, tap “Input” in the “Get text from Input” and select the value from the previous action, etc. so the data flows through.

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Ahh, thanks Greg. Strange hiccup, but appreciate the help!

My suggested shortcut revision over on your query on this on the Automators forum might be useful :man_shrugging:t2:

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Thanks - yes a big help!