Bold and Zoom Settings

I have two questions and have been unable to find answers by search:

  1. Is there a setting for Cmd+B that puts a double set of asterisks leaving the cursor in the middle, vs. just putting the first set of asterisks followed by the cursor? I think it used to be a default setting, but can’t figure out if I changed that or it changed.

  2. Is there a Zoom function somewhere that I am missing? As I get older, I need to zoom more often.

Thank you and I apologize if I am just overlooking obvious settings.

Zoom? No, nothing specific to the app. Both iOS and macOS have built-in “Zoom” features you can enable in Settings > Accessibility…and you can, of course, use Dynamic Types sizes to control most of the Drafts user interface, and set the editor font size any way you like in Aa editor settings.

In a default installation, command-B is the keyboard shortcut assigned to the “Markdown Bold” action in the “Markdown” action group. It’s default behavior is to insert ** if no text is selected, or wrap the selected text in **s if there is a selection of one or more characters.

It’s just a script that’s pretty easy to modify if you want yours to behave differently, however. If you wanted it to put both the begin and end asterisks, you need only alter one line, like:

// look for this code...
if (!sel || sel.length == 0) {
  // comment out the line below...
  // editor.setSelectedText(markup);
  // replace it with...
  editor.setSelectedText(markup + markup);
  editor.setSelectedRange(st + markup.length,0);

The only difference is adding the “markup” twice.

Thank you very much!