Blank drafts after search since iOS 17/Drafts 40

Since iOS 17/Drafts 40 I sometimes see a blank draft (tags are present, number of words is displayed correctly, text that should be displayed is not displayed but can be copied using an action) after doing a search in the list of drafts and selecting a draft. This goes away after quitting drafts and starting it again, only to happen again after a few hours/days when searching the draft list.

I run the latest iOS and Drafts versions.

Do you by any chance use dark mode? There seems to be a bug in iOS 17’s dark mode that causes text and background to have the same colour.

No, it happens in light mode.

Any clues in the version history of an affected draft?

There is only the original version available, all actions are properly logged. What to look for?

The point was to look for anything that might tell you about changes being made to an affected draft.

Since no changes are in effect (based on your feedback), we can deduce that this is not a potentially destructive issue but one related purely to display of the content.

  • Can you post any visuals of what you see happening?
  • Is there any commonality to the drafts it affects?
  • Is there any consistency between the drafts affected each time post reboot?

Sounds like a theme glitch. Is it possible it relates the the system having auto-switch and/or switched, between light and dark mode while Drafts was running in the background?

I know what to look for and report when it happens again.

It is related to iOS 17 behavior changes when light/dark mode change while the app is in the background. I should have a permanent fix out shortly. You can work around by toggling theme in the app, or just selecting a different draft.

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This is fixed in v40.1.1, which is current awaiting Apple’s review and should be out shortly.