Better Way to Display Links?

Is there a theme or syntax that will allow links to display in a better fashion when in Link Mode? Maybe something that either allows clicking on the URL title instead of the URL itself, or at least makes the URL title far more visible than the URL to click on?

Use case: I use Drafts to compile a list of URLs and their titles that I need to review once a week. I can get the URLs and titles in any format I want to. I’ve been getting them in Markdown format but am not married to it. It looks like nothing by gobbledygook when in regular mode. But even in Link Mode, it’s nearly as bad. The information I need to read – the title – fades into the background, while the information I don’t need to read – the URL – is essentially highlighted.

I feel like someone better with sytax and scripting would be able to do this, but maybe it’s just not a Drafts capability?

If you are using Markdown, I suggest using Previews. That converts the Markdown to HTML, and you just get a webpage with click/tappable links by name.