Best way to store persistent variable?

I’d like to store a set of data—here a table of client names and corresponding numbers—to be called by various different scripts.

I’d like to be able to add to the data without having to edit any action.

What’s the best place/way to store the data such that it can be quickly and easily accessed by my scripts? As a text file on a cloud service? As a specific Draft? Somewhere else?


Are there any security considerations to be taken into account for the storage of the data?

By any chance, do these details already exist in your contacts?

I think the ‘easiest’ way in Drafts would be to store it in a draft. ‘Best’ kind of depends on what the constraints are on your data and usage and therefore what ‘best’ might cover.

No security concerns.

And no, they aren’t in my contacts as such.

I would say put it in a file and read it in with a script. iCloud Drive is probably the best place to keep the file, so it can still be read when offline.

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Airtable via API, if feeling ambitious -

Thank you all. I’ve got a basic version working with iCloud:

Looks up a client name and, if found returns the number. If not, prompts to add the client name and number.

Might try Airtable for bigger csv-style time records…