Beach ball on every action

Hi all,

I seem to be getting a lag and a beach ball spinning with almost any action I take with Drafts, be that opening a capture window, moving a draft to archive or running any of the actions.

I’m running Drafts 39.2.1 on an M1 Macbook Air, 8gb running 13.4.1

I’ve never noticed this before and can’t remember any recent updates but I don’t usually pay much attention to that, just go ahead and update when it asks if I want to.

Any help would be appreciated.


Is this something that has been persistent for you across restarts of the app and the Mac?

I’ve definitely quit and force quit the app and it persists.

I’m pretty sure I have rebooted and though it may not happen immediately, eventually it’ll start again. I’m going to reboot now, feedback if it fixes the issue and how long until it returns.

OK, a reboot has fixed it.

I loaded the main page, ran a couple of actions, Markdown to Rich Text on a couple of drafts and they ran pretty quick. Then I archived a draft, which did lead to a short spinning beach ball, perhaps 5-7 secs. Any drafts being archived subsequent to that have been instant.

I will continue to use it and report if it happens again.