Be able to turn off inbox count on Apple Watch complication

Would it be possible to toggle on/off the ability to have the inbox count display on the Apple Watch complication for Drafts?

I love to add things to Drafts on the Apple Watch, but just don’t like to see the number staring back at me. Email already gives me badge notification anxiety haha


I’d also like this feature added.

Maybe. Apple seems to have decided that’s OK these days. When I first built the Drafts watch app I had that version of the complication without the count and it got rejected three times by Apple - so I haven’t bothered to try again. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Dang, thats too bad. Hope they add more flexibility soon!

Thanks for sharing that background context!

Another option could be to have a badge count filter that mirrors what you have set on the phone. Or more customization of complications for Pro subscribers like Carrot Weather has.

I started writing this as a new post and the forum pointed me here. Cool feature and glad other people feel this way too.

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I was just about to create a new feature request and then came across this. Plus one from me for the same reason.

Plus one for me as well.