Basic actions missing from touch bar?

I like to use the touch bar to quickly move between actions as it’s easier for me than trying to find the smaller icons in Drafts action bar, etc. But, I’ve noticed that the Basic group cannot be selected in this way. How do I get that group to appear on the touch bar?

The action groups available in the TouchBar are the same as available in the action bar. This is controlled by the “Show in action bar” visibility setting on the action group in the the “Manage Actions” window.

I don’t know if this is a bug or not then. I had toggled that on and it still didn’t show. It didn’t show until I’d rebooted the Macbook.

I’m starting lean toward bug. While the Basic actions icon now shows in the touch bar, it’s only got “New Action” showing. It shows none of the actions actually in the Basic actions list.

The list of available action groups in the TouchBar is not getting rebuilt when you change the visibility settings. That appears to be a bug, but easy to work around be relaunching the app.

I’m not seeing any issues displaying action in the TouchBar. Sure you don’t have another action group setup to be visible that does just have one “New Action” action created in it?

This is absolutely a bug. I’ve tried duplicating the actions in the Basic group and then moving the duplicates to a brand new group. Those actions do not display. I tried duplicating the actions in another group (Editing) and those display. I’ve added a New Action to the basic group and then duplicated that. It displays.

It’s only the pre-existing actions that were originally in the Basic group that refuse to display on the Touch Bar.

Have you checked the visibility settings on those individual actions? There is a setting for whether the group is available to select at all, but each individual action also has visibility options to control whether it appears in the Action Bar or not.