Badges Multiple workspaces

Hope all is well. I was wondering if I can get any help. I put all my notes into my default inbox and I get a badge on my home screen . When I organize my inbox I place unprocessed notes into individual work spaces that need to be further followed up on. How do I incorporate badges into multiple work spaces so I don’t lose track of unprocessed notes in multiple work spaces ?

I don’t know your exact setup or how you distinguish between the workspaces but I have a few suggestions:

if its only about the badge on the app icon

you could create a custom workspace which includes all of your other workspaces and then select this workspace only for the badge in the settings > Notifications > Badge (turn on the inbox count and select the created workspace)

if you want to go further

it might make sense to use a widget on your homescreen for drafts (depending on your personal preferences you can use a small, medium or big one
create a “Grid” widget in the preferred size and select the workspace you want to see in the widget element(s) to show the count of items in a workspace (inbox) - you can select the workspace in the “Edit widget” menu. if you only want to use the small size widget consider stacking those onto each other and scroll through them to glimpse at all your workspaces

I think you are asking if there is a way to display counts for the number of active drafts in a workspace…there is not in the app’s interface directly at this time.

You can use widgets for this purpose. The grid widget can be configured for quick access to workspaces and displays the workspace count. Details in the widget docs.

You can also use an action, like this Workspace Summary example to build a summary of current status and counts for each of your workspaces.