Backup options not all available

I can access the backup option for Drafts and it exports manually, but the ones for Actions and Workspaces are greyed out.

Any tips for getting it working please? I have a Pro subscription if that makes any difference to how it works.

I also tried using the iCloud sync, I don’t think it is working though. I can’t attach the log though.

The automated and multi-file backup options require iCloud Drive. I expect you do not have iCloud Drive enabled.

Individual workspaces and action groups can be exported as files in their respective edit screens, but you will need to enable iCloud Drive to use automated options.

Thank you. Yes, iCloud Drive isn’t active because it will sync the whole iPad and there isn’t enough space in Drive. I did it the manual way you suggested though which is helpful. I think it is sending a back up to iCloud somehow as I noticed it now is showing under the sync options as having documents data there.