Backlinks are broken

Hello! I am having an issue in my Drafts projects which I have set up with backlinks. All of a sudden, the link back to the Table of Contents, which is the link on top of the document withhis formatting: < [[Test: Table of Contents]] - does not work. A dialog box appears saying there is no such document (even though there is) and asks me if I want to create a new document. This happens every time. If I instead choose the menu option “Select Back Links” I am able to get to the document I need .

Any experiences with this?

Testing on the basis of what you’ve described: [[Test: Table of Contents]] indeed seems to ignore a draft with that title, but does create a draft with that title, if you accept the option to create a new draft.

The interesting thing is that if you remove the colon in the title (not the link), the link works…

Someone else might have other thoughts, but my next step would be to take a look at the syntax definition. Or hold for support from @agiletortoise:wink:

This does seem to be a regression in the current update due to a minor change in the query parser which is not handling the “:” correctly (as it has special meaning for “title:TEXT” type queries).

Will be fixed in the next update.



Would you be willing to publish the query for the links or describe it? - I tend to break my structured links by using special characters.

Special characters should not really matter, other than the “/” which is used as a separator for markers in the draft. If you have any examples (other than “:”, please submit them as bug reports).

The result should be equivalent to searching title:"Link Text" in quick search for an exact phrase match in the first line of the draft.