Back tab does not match forward tab

I’m finding an inconsistency between the forward tab and back tab:

If in the settings the forward tab is set to 4 spaces, the back tab, when invoked, is not retreating 4 spaces, but rather 2 spaces…

This creates a misalignment in text and requires additional key strokes to synchronize…

Am I missing a setting that synchronizes these functions?

@agiletortoise any thoughts here?

Could have a look at

Thanks you mentioned it, I was thinking about the same thing but forgot to answer.

Do you have the Outdent Action set to the keyboard shortcut Shift+Tab? The Action does not access the settings.

Yes, modifying the External Keyboard shortcut allows adding < Tab > & <Shift+Tab>

Then you need to edit the action and change it to 4 spaces outdenting

Actually, that is strange because my Indent & Outdent match whether the Tab Key setting is Tab or 4 Spaces.

What action do you have configured to run when using shift-tab? If you have the up-to-date and current Indent and Outdent actions, they will use the option you have configured. Make sure they are up-to-date.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.

Updating to the latest actions has resolved the issue.

Much appreciated.