Automatically send to Omnifocus

Hello, I’m interested in the fastest and easiest on-the-go capture method. Drafts’ dictation looks pretty nice, but I’d like it to automatically send my note to omnifocus, rather than requiring I click a few things to do so every time (via actions menu). If I’m on the go, or half asleep, the extra clicks make a big difference.

Is this possible? I’ve researched it, and researched iOS shortcuts too, but there doesn’t seem to be a way :confused:

Drafts does not have any scheduling to achieve this automatically.

I would think you could cobble something together with Shortcuts and Drafts.

Shortcuts allows for scheduled automations. You could have it run a Drafts action that sends a specific Draft, or all Drafts matching certain criteria, to OmniFocus.

Give it a shot and if you run into specific issues, ask for help.

To add to the colleges:

Omnifocus heavily depends on taskpaper which is hard to dictate.

Surely there is a way around it.

I use drafts as my inbox so the automation would be not necessary because you process the stuff during a review.

Thanks, I’ve got it working. Here’s my shortcut in case anyone else is interested (thanks to the Drafts example from docs):

The trickiest part was getting those “repeat item” magic variables in there. The iOS shortcuts interface can be pretty confusing! And I’m a software dev…

I then created an automation on the trigger When “Drafts” is closed that runs the action “Run shortcut” specifying this shortcut.

As a result, as soon as I finish my note and go back to hole screen, it pushes it to my omnifocus inbox.

My favourite part is I use iOS accessibility settings to make it so that triple tapping the back of my phone opens up a dictation note!

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Ah, shoot, just realised I can’t use “hey Siri” with this unless my iPhone is already unlocked. The goal is for when I’m not holding my phone :confused: is it possible to allow the shortcut to run whilst my phone is locked?

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If you are dictating to trigger an action to send to Omnifocus with the phone locked, that’s quite prescriptive. Maybe just use Omnifocus’ Siri integration in that circumstance.

Drafts is probably best used when you don’t know where to send it rather than just being a constant relay to the same location; which it seems it would be for a dictation like this.

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