Automatically send to Omnifocus

Hello, I’m interested in the fastest and easiest on-the-go capture method. Drafts’ dictation looks pretty nice, but I’d like it to automatically send my note to omnifocus, rather than requiring I click a few things to do so every time (via actions menu). If I’m on the go, or half asleep, the extra clicks make a big difference.

Is this possible? I’ve researched it, and researched iOS shortcuts too, but there doesn’t seem to be a way :confused:

Drafts does not have any scheduling to achieve this automatically.

I would think you could cobble something together with Shortcuts and Drafts.

Shortcuts allows for scheduled automations. You could have it run a Drafts action that sends a specific Draft, or all Drafts matching certain criteria, to OmniFocus.

Give it a shot and if you run into specific issues, ask for help.

To add to the colleges:

Omnifocus heavily depends on taskpaper which is hard to dictate.

Surely there is a way around it.

I use drafts as my inbox so the automation would be not necessary because you process the stuff during a review.