Automatically Add Created Date and Time To All New Drafts

Is there a setting that will enable me to automatically add the created date and time to all new drafts? I’ve hunted around and found some ways to do this via built in actions, but I’d like to automatically see the date appearing at the top every time a new draft is triggered, either manually or after the 30 second time lapse. Thanks.

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Drafts already stores the creation date, it can be seen in the (i) detail screen, and it is available for use in actions when you output with the [[created]] tag (more on templates). So there may not be a need for you to clutter your text with that value.

If you do want it to appear in your text, there is no way to automatically add it. You could create new drafts using templates to have that value inserted, or use actions to insert the text when you start the draft.


There’s also definitely a way to do this with Siri Shortcuts but it could very easily turn into a nightmare depending.