Automatic archiving?

Hi All,
I thought I lost some text, found it a backup file, then discovered search “All” (d’oh), then found that the missing item was marked Archive rather than Inbox.

I don’t recall ever marking that snippet Archive. I’ve hunted around for awhile but haven’t found an answer to “Does Drafts App set Archive by itself? Are there conditions that automatically set Archive? Or Inbox?”


There is no case where Drafts automatically archives drafts.

There are many drafts can get archived, however, including, most commonly, when an action is run on the draft which is configured to move the draft to the archive after it is run – which can be done with the “After Success” option on the action, or in script.

It seems most likely it was an inadvertent swipe on the draft list, or similar, however, if you do not commonly configure your actions to archive.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I rarely do things other than search and the “Print - Plain Text” action, so I’m not sure where I might have set Archive on 2 of many drafts. I’ll keep an eye out for possible ways.