Automated transcription hack?

I make a daily podcast, and would love to use Drafts to automatically transcribe my recordings.

And I bought the Drafts’ app based on recommendation - because of the hack around the 45-second limit.



Of course, Apple does not make this easy to pull off.

Is there a way to bring in my podcast recording through Drafts so it transcribes automagically? Something like AudioHijack?

Or, use the Apple Camera Kit (lightning to USB) and some sort of iRig setup?

Drafts is just using the OS dictation behind the scenes, so I don’t think there is an easy way. It’s more about dictating at that moment rather than piping in a feed. I think the Mac beta app at the moment probably isn’t using any workaround like the iOS version (which is probably the MacStories) reference, but I’m nit using the Mac beta currently so I may be wrong. If it does, then at that point AudioHijack might be able to pipe the playback of an audio file into the microphone input for the system and allow you to transcribe using Siri dictation for an extended period.

As an alternative, what about uploading your audio to YouTube as a private video, and then using the automated transcription from that? Might that work for you?

Yes, it would work.

But I thought Drafts would be perfect at pulling this off as a more simple, elegant solution.

If you had two devices you could record audio on one and dictate into the other. I’ve not tried this but I have an iPad and an iPhone so could probably make that work.