Autocorrect in tag bar

Autocorrect pops up very frequently when typing in the tag toolbar’s search box.

First, it’s not very helpful. (Suggestions are pretty poor when only given 3 or 4 characters.)

Second, trying to click on a tag in the tag list under the autocorrect suggestion often results in unintentionally accepting the suggestion.

I’m not sure what would be lost if autocorrect was just completely disabled in this particular field.

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Been experiencing undesirable behavior in the tag field lately as well - forced to existing tag + accepting wrong tag prematurely.

Wait, which fields are we talking about specifically? Is this on Mac or iOS?


Mac is working properly, not showing suggestions

I tried tapping on the 2nd line “corestory/gamebook”

Gotcha. Not sure why autocorrect is enabled there. Will fix.

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