Autocompletion proposals in editor

An autocompletion feature would be helpful:
Proposals from what has already been typed after entering an initial substring.

Like this one… :grinning:

More in the sense of what notepad++ for example calls „word completion“, taking the proposals from the current buffer (Auto-completion | Notepad++ User Manual)

I admit I’m not sure how that fits in a notes app. That sort of autocomplete makes sense for a code editor, where you are working in a specific language with a limited set of keywords, not so much for general text.

On Windows I used to (over 20 years ago) use UltimaShell with the NoteTab text editors. Not all the time, but sometimes. I eventually decided it didn’t help me as much as I thought it would and never re-enabled it, but it was quite a popular tool at that time.

I believe it has since renamed to Intellicomplete Server.

Maybe there’s a Mac equivalent out there? I can’t say I’ve ever looked.

You might underestimate in how many and different settings Drafts is used :grinning: I have used it professionally for medical texts, to write Wikipedia articles, to transcribe old family letters and to document bird sightings.