Auto Upload to my Mac

I love drafts, but I need a way to get the Drafts that I create on my iDevice to my computer. I use Notes, EverNote, DropBox. So if there was a way to create an IFTTT that would be a work around, but the best thing would be to have a Drafts app on my MAC. Anybody have any ideas?

Currently you have to manually trigger a share on a per draft basis. So you could share a draft to a note in Evernote or to a file in Dropbox to match a couple of your example locations. The easiest way to do this would be via a Drafts action.

However, you can run actions against a selection of Drafts, so whilst it is on a per draft basis you can also do it in bulk.


A Mac version is in development and if you search this forum you’ll find several references to it and to others wanting access to their drafts on their Mac.