Auto record on new note?

When I’m recording voice on my watch, if i accidentally click the crown or the cancel button, it deletes everything i’ve typed. This is a disaster - especially for long ones. Is there any way to auto-record? I basically NEVER want it to delete anything.

Short answer: No.

All input on watchOS is managed by the system. Apps do not have any control over it. The APIs just allow you ask for text input, and watchOS takes over, handles all the dictation/keyboard, then hands the result back to the app - there are no APIs available to do the type of custom dictation interface available in Drafts on iOS or Mac.

Also, the dictation interface on Watch is limited to about 45 seconds of input, and it not really suitable to longer dictation - I think largely because Apple is trying to tightly manage battery life. So it’s not really suitable for longer dictations.

If you have longer dictation needs, I would recommend you fall back to the phone for those needs.

Alternately, you are better of using an app like Just Press Record that does audio recordings, which you can transcribe later.


Thank you so much for the thoughtful response! Super bummer but know it’s not Draft’s fault. Now I need to build a zapier to go JPR → transcribe → draft lol

Drafts can do the transcribing.