Auto-assign tags in workspace

I have a workspace that collects Drafts with a specific tag.

When that workspace is active, is there a way to automatically assign that tag to new drafts? That would be far more convenient than having to assign it manually.

For me, the ‘+’ menu shows an option called: “New tagged: [tag1], [tag2],” where [tag1] and [tag2] are the tags I have included in my workspace’s filter.

The ‘+’ menu is available by either:

  1. Long pressing the + while viewing a draft.
  2. Pressing the + while looking at the list of drafts.

Hope that helps! Someone else may be able to suggest an Action if you need something more.


That is helpful. @ShriM! Thanks for pointing that out.

I’ve been a Drafts Pro user for as long as I can remember but I’m just now starting to realize the incredible power of this tool.

Thanks again for your reply.