Audio recording

Hi, is it possible to get an action where I can record an audio file to attach to a draft? Kind of defeats the writing purpose, but sometimes I’m out and about and writing on the IPhone keyboard is just not possible, so a recording to attach where I can reference it later and write a draft would be nice. Any thoughts?

Drafts doesn’t really support attachments, as it only works with text. But it does have a great dictation feature that allows you to speak to your device and have it automatically transcribed into the draft. If you have an Apple Watch, this is especially helpful, as you don’t need to pull out your phone at all. If all you’re looking for is a way to have your speech captured and turned into text, this should work great for you. However, if you want to keep the recording to listen to later, you’ll need a different app. Apple’s built-in Voice Memos app will allow you to keep the recording, but I would recommend looking at Just Press Record, which will keep the voice memo and automatically transcribe it. That way you’ll have the recording and can bring the text straight into Drafts without having to manually transcribe the audio.

Hope this helps!

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I’ll second Just Press Record. I’ve been using it to record solo podcast episodes and then I have (almost) ready show notes! The sound quality is great!