Assign a keyboard shortcut to a specific commonly-used draft?

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I’m starting to use Drafts to keep various types of reference information that I’m collecting/building over time and need to jump back to. For example, emergency contact numbers and trip details for an upcoming holiday. I’m still using Drafts for lots of other stuff, so newly added notes often make that “reference draft” scroll out of view, and I’d like navigate to it quickly. Is there a way to associate a keyboard shortcut or some other sort of “quick nav” capability to instantly jump to a specific draft?


You could make an action with a single URL action step, and paste the link for the draft into the URL template for that step - then, of course, assign it a keyboard shortcut.

You might also find it more flexible to use this “Go to Bookmark” example action that lets you pick from an drafts you have tagged “bookmark” as an easy way to jump around to commonly used drafts.

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Just wanted to offer some working examples of this in the form of this action group of mine. (They will not actually function for you as configured out of the box, just case that’s not obvious.)

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Thank you both – I’ve been using this approach for the last few days and it works great!

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