Arrange Selected

I wrote a very short action called “Arrange Selected”.

The action is here: http://Arrange Selected Drafts 5 action

To use this you select some lines of text (or blocks) and run the action. It pops up the Arrange dialog but populated only with the selected text. Unless you press Cancel the results of the dialog overwrite the selected text.

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FYI, there is an “Arrange” option on the text selection menu (Black menu with copy-paste, etc.). It’s slightly smarter in the it expands the selection to the beginning-ends of the lines.

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Yes. I quite like, though, being able to invoke with (eg) Ctrl+A - attached to an action.

Having said that, I might well use yours now I’ve stumbled across it.

BTW it would be nice - within Arrange Mode - to be able to run actions against selected lines / blocks. (I guess I could confect that with selected text anyway - to be fair.)