Arrange mode: limit number of lines

Hi. Couldn’t find an option and searched online as well: Arrange mode especially with BLOCK sometimes doesn’t work that well when there’s a long block which tend to take up too much screen space trying to arrange with other blocks. It’ll be great to have an option to limit the number of lines displayed, for example 3 lines no matter how big the block is so that more blocks can be shown on screen, especially iOS/iPadOS. Thanks.

That would be a good option. The full text is displayed because it can be editing directly in arrange mode on iOS. Editing would have to be disabled if truncating the text. This is the behavior on the Mac, because it was not possible to implement editing there.

Hi Greg. I’m ok with that since Arrange is to arrange draft not to edit.

Fair, it would have to be an option in arrange. The ability to edit in arrange mode was a much requested feature before it was added so I would not want to remove it.