Arrange across drafts in iOS split view

An advanced request (as of 2019).

I’d love to be able to open up the same doc in 2 split views, then go into Arrange mode on both, and then move items from one view to another.

This could actually be the better way to do Arrange, rather than dragging an element up/down while the page scrolls.

But I know you mentioned that having the same doc opened in split-view is risky right now. Once that’s solved, then maybe this request could be on the backlog.

Cheers ~

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That’s not likely to be implemented, at least not as you describe it, and would probably have some super-undesireable outcomes if it were. Arrange mode is a session-based function that is not really editing a draft, but a chunk of text and does not commit any edits until you finish and tap “Done”. If you actively edited across multiple arrange windows, you would end up stomping on changes from one when you committed changes to another, etc.

Yeah… well, maybe one day an option to have two lists/streams in the same doc, for drag across. :beer: