Archive on the Mac does not archive on iOS

I’ve run across this more than once, and always thought it was me, but I think now it might not be me :slight_smile:

When I “archive” a draft on the Mac, it very often does not get archived on iOS.

I usually only have 1 or 2 items in my Drafts “inbox” so that might be a contributing factor.

How are you archiving? (Menu, swipe, etc.)

On the Mac? I think I do right click > move to archive? I’m not sure now that you asked I’ll have to pay attention next time!

If you have any additional details, please open a support ticket ( Thought I had this squashed, but if not I need to know more about the case it’s failing. What device the drafts were archived on, how, etc.

I will make sure to do so.

Hey folks - I’m having this issue too. Seems to be a few sync orphans spread across various devices. Is this a bug?

Sounds like you should send Greg the details he asked for above. As indicated, there has been a bug around this, but if it is still occurring for people he needs details to help him track it down.