Archive old drafts automatically?

Hi there! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do the following:

Once a week, archive all unflagged drafts in the inbox that were last modified at least one week ago.

Can anyone help figure out a way to do this, ideally through draft actions or Apple shortcuts? Second choice would be keyboard maestro.


I would probably recommend starting by creating a workspace that filters drafts to meet those criteria. That would likely be:

  • Inbox does not include flagged
  • End date filter enabled with related date for Today minus 7 days.

It would then be pretty easy to write either a Drafts action that processes drafts in the that inbox, or a Shortcut that could be scheduled with automations to run periodically in the background. Drafts has a “Get Drafts from Workspace” shortcuts action, and you can repeat over the drafts returned by it to archive them.

Hi thanks for the input! If I move messages to another workspace I won’t be able to see them any more though. I want to be able to see them in my list until they are archived. Also I want them to be searchable.

I use drafts a dozen times a day for quick notes and I end up with close to 100 notes sometimes. I want to keep them around for a few days. The flagged ones are notes I will come back to. any other suggestion on how to handle this? Quick notes vs notes to keep.

You can’t “move” drafts into a workspace. Workspaces are a filtered view of all your drafts.

Greg’s suggestion still aligns to what you want to do.

You do everything as now, but when you want to archive your drafts, at that point you switch to your workspace to help you process the drafts that are ready for processing.

Ok I had no idea workspaces were basically filters. I thought they were workspaces like on Notion or similar apps.

I was able to create a workspace that includes only unflagged messages 7 or more days old, but I can’t seem to get a shortcut to work. Here’s what I have so far - it only archives one message each time I run it. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Your file draft is outside you repeat loop. It should be inside the loop and set to work on the repeat item variable.

Ok I’ve got it. Thanks for your help. This makes Drafts so much easier for me to use. It archives any drafts that are unflagged and more than 3 days old.

Sharing it here in case it’s useful for anyone else. I have an automation on my phone that will run this every morning.

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In Shortcuts