Apple Watch Sync issues?!


So what is the current consensus on Sync issues between the Apple Watch and other versions of Drafts on iPad, and Mac?

Currently, I am able to record a draft on Mac; iPad or iPhone and CAN see those changes reflected on the watch. BUT if I Dictate a draft to the watch, I am not seeing it show up anywhere else - despite waiting for days. :weary:

I have restarted the watch more than once. And halve also removed Drafts from the watch and reinstalled it. The only thing I have not done is restart once uninstalled and reinstall after restart!


Have you rebooted the phone? Sometimes the conduit gets stuck on the phone side.

I’m not aware of any general issues, but have no doubt seen certain installations get “stuck”. Details on your app/phone/watch models and OS versions is helpful as well.

Thanks for coming back to me.

As far as versions I am using an iPhone 11; iPad Pro and Mac 2015 running the latest versions of all software; The Watch is a Series 4.

Not sure that resetting the phone will solve this as I’ve already done that, but you’re the wizard so I’ll do it again.

I have figured out what the issue is and thought I would share it. This is user error. It appears that I had selected that updates coming from the watch should be tagged as 'watch ‘– however my worksheet view by default was giving me only untagged AND drafts 4 notes … which of course did not include those tagged as ‘watch ‘.


You are still the wizard and I need to go back and reassess how I’m using it. Needless to say by removing watch tag as the default all of the notes showed up

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