Apple Watch Siri command not working to create a draft

Hello! Following the Drafts User Guide’s instructions for using Siri to create a note on Apple Watch — found here — doesn’t currently work for me. Using the designated phrase “Create a note using Drafts” (or variations), Siri responds with, “Sorry, I can’t help you with notes on Apple Watch.”

Drafts is installed on the watch, and I can interact with the app fine otherwise, including dictation. The same phrase worked on my iPhone.

The watch is a Series 7 with watchOS 9.1 installed.

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I’m looking into this…I just had another report and can reproduce here. The “Hey Siri” stuff has always been a little wonky, but it seems that it just stopped working completely in the watchOS update.

Based on the result it’s getting, watchOS is just not registering Drafts’ availability as a service here.


I’ve been having the same issue but kept forgetting to submit a bug report. Series 5 Watch that’s fully up-to-date.

I submitted a bug report to Apple yesterday. Seems they totally broke this ability in the watchOS 9 update. watchOS just does not recognize an app offering it as an option.

In the meantime, by far the most reliable way to capture with the watch is to add the “Capture” complication to your watch face. Not hands-free, but works.

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Much appreciated! Fingers crossed.

While I’m waiting, I came up with a bit of a workaround using Drafts’ ability to automatically pull items from a specified list in the Reminders app.

I can tell Siri to add an item to a “drafts” list, then she asks me what I want to add and saves it, all hands-free. Drafts automatically pulls the “reminder” over and creates a note from it. (You can also specify tags to be added to those kinds of notes.)

Not as direct a process, but good enough for now.

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