Apple Watch Series 7 Keyboard


Does Drafts need to be updated to support the new native Apple Keyboard app on the watch. I can’t seem to get it to pop up when I want to append text to an existing note.

In theory, no, drafts does not need an update. In practice, the text input story for Series 7 is a bit weird right now. I don’t think Apple totally thought this one through when adding the on-screen keyboard.

I do not have a Series 7 yet to test with, but best I can tell there is no way to access the on-screen keyboard from the text input “with options” screen, which is what is used by the append/prepend features in Drafts. You can get to dictation. You can get to scribble, but not to the keyboard.

I’ll keep an eye on this, but I would recommend filing a feedback with Apple as well.

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Oh wow. Thanks for the info. That’s helpful to know for Drafts and other apps that are behaving oddly as well. I guess I will have to stick to FlickType for now. Appreciate the response and I will provide feedback to Apple as well.