Apple Watch Complication: Count based on Workspace (or Filter)

I use the Apple Watch to capture stuff on the go and use untagged inbox as my “New” items (tagging others that will stay in Drafts).

I would love to see the “size” of my inbox (I.e. unprocessed items) by looking at the complication instead of everything in my inbox.


Do you use the “Archive” folder for anything?

I ask only since the archive folder is intended (according to this page) to fulfil the role of storing ‘processed’ drafts. It may be that if you are not making use of the archive that you may be able to achieve the equivalent result you are after by a small tweak in your workflow.

This has been mentioned several times in the slack channel. Hoping it’s on the top of the Todo list

Absolutley, that’s where processed Drafts get “Archived” :slight_smile: I would feel funny having actively worked drafts in my archive. That just rubs me the wrong way. To be fair, so does keeping working drafts in my inbox, but it seems more real than the former situation.

I admit I would prefer to have a “Working” Drafts section that is a first class citizen, even thought about just using “Flagged” as my Working container.

Don’t get me wrong, there are “work arounds”, none of them without mental friction though.

Allow me to necro this thread to hop on to the feature request. It’s a bit jarring seeing my iPhone badge saying one thing and my counter on my watch saying another. I have to disable the counter now. I can see exactly how much chaos my life is in by a quick glance at my OF, Email, and Drafts badges. I can’t switch what that number represents for the same app across devices though, so I need that the same (and I do have it the same for OF and my email client).


It doesn’t appear that this has been added as a feature or am I missing something? I would love to have it mirror my iPhone badge or failing that turn off the count.

There is not a way to filter the Watch count, but you can turn it off in the complication. See Apple Watch docs for details.