Apple Watch battery impact?

I may be drawing inappropriate conclusions here… In the last week or so I’ve observed markedly diminished battery life on my Gen 1 Apple Watch. 2-3 hours loss. The only thing that has changed in my use and the watch software is removing Drafts 4 app and adding Drafts 5.

I can’t imagine it is the app that is impacting the battery, but that is the only variable that has changed. Or, so I think.

Thoughts on this?

It is possible. Drafts 5 is more agressive about pushing data back and forth to the phone. I would not imagine it having that kind of impact, but it’s not impossible. Next step is to uninstall it from the Watch for a few days and see.

I had a similar thing come up when I was still using my Series 0 last Fall. Seemingly sudden and dramatic reduction in battery life. In that case it was something wonky at the system level. I was sure the battery was toast, but resetting it to factory settings and starting over ended up getting the battery life back.

Thanks for the response. Will uninstall and see what difference it makes.

I’ve had the watch app and complication going since it was available in the beta (on my series 1) and I haven’t noticed any performance issues.

to close the loop on this… I removed the Drafts app from my watch. No change in battery behavior. So… good news for the app… bad news for my watch. Off to troubleshoot other things. I appreciate the response above and sorry for the noise on the forum! – jay