Apple music to drafts

Do you think it would be possible to extract the music (in Apple Music) that I played from the day before? iOS or Mac.

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Assuming you mean some sort of playlist history rather than the music files or the lyrics, then you should be able to download your history.

Assuming the article’s details are still up to date (I don’t use Apple Music so I can’t check), after exporting the data, it should just be a case of importing it into Drafts. The article says it is a spreadsheet file which can be opened in any spreadsheet application. That makes me wonder if it is actually a CSV? If it is, then you can pretty easily import that using pretty much any of the content import methods for Drafts.

Hope that helps.

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Yeahhh. Not the actual music. Just it’s metadata so to speak! Thanks so much.

That might just get me started.

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The other place to look would probably be shortcuts, on iOS at least. No idea if you could get that sort of info, but I know it’s got some access to Apple Music

This is only possible if the music is in your library. And even then, I find the list to often be incomplete.

Yes. I found a shortcut. It outputs to an entry in DayOne. If only I was still using Day One.

It works. The formatting in the entry created lends itself well to parsing in excel.

I don’t know of a direct way, but I use to scrobble (their term) my plays in the Music app on Mac and iOS. Then I use this site ( to csv) to export my scrobbles to a .csv file. Easy to move that data wherever. Gives you tracks with album, artist and time/date you listened. Last.fim and also capture from Spotify and other players.

OMG! I forgot all about Used to hang out there a lot. About 10 years ago. Time for another look!

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Shortcuts like that are pretty easy to modify. Unless it’s doing anything weird it should be easy enough to have it write or append to a draft instead, :relaxed: