Append to Note (Different each time) (Evernote, Notion, Obsidian)


Is it possible to search for a note and append the draft to it ?

I have a shortcut for this for apple notes, Im wondering if anybody knows og this is also possible with other note apps like

  • Evernote, notion, obsidian, bear

Are you asking if you can search for and append to another draft in Drafts? If so, then certainly. You can use the Share extension on iOS or Quick Capture on Mac, both of which allow you to select a draft to append to in the app. Most people only think of using these to share from another app into Drafts, but they both work to share a draft from Drafts right back to it.

There are also an example Append to Draft action in the directory that prompt for a draft to be selected, and appends the current draft to it.

If you are asking about targeting other apps, yes, that is certainly possible as well, but Drafts cannot search for notes in other systems directly.


Thanks for the quick response

I will take a better look at appending draft to a draft

But I was talking about appending the dragt to an evernote,notion,obsidian or bear note

I forgot to say the way I an currenntly appendind from drafts to an apple note ( I search for) is through Siri Shortcuts which is ran within drafts, a draft forum member recomended the shortcut.

Im basicly wondering if this eas possible

  • Through drafts
  • or with a shortcut triggered by drafts

Most of those apps can be integrated with…how you do it varies a bit by your target app, but if you search this forum and/or the Directory you will find integration guides and example actions for adding to those various apps.

I am mostly searching for to be able to do this with evernote and/or Notion like Im able to do eith apple note.

(see pictures)

You cannot do that in Drafts. I do not know about what the apps from those other services offer in the way of Shortcuts support. I’m guessing most would not support that level of integration.

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If you have shortcuts to append to specific notes in Evernote / Notion and so on then I suggest you modify them to accept text input (in addition to the prompt) and then run the shortcuts from Drafts.

Thats probably the easiest solution.

in the Scripting Reference you’ll also find some information about the integration with Notion.

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Now this apple note “append to note” action is giving me problem, is anyone else experiencing this ?

-searching and selectig the correct note

  • it dowa not append to it and then shows me some random notes

That looks like the Shortcuts bug that’s supposed to be fixed in the next OS release. An action isn’t using the input correctly and offers a selection.

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ok, hopefully it will get solved, thank you :pray:

Have you maneged to get this to work again?

I never really encountered this in the first place as such. The issue was simply something I was aware of through helping someone debug an issue, and I had seen some reference on line (maybe in the Drafts Slack?) that it was being worked on for the beta at that time.

But, it is a simple matter to check. Here’s a shortcut that I believe would have experienced the issue. Running it today it only prompts once for the selection of an Apple Notes note. Give it a test and see what your results are.

Thank you for your quick reaponse :pray:

It almost works, It pastes the “ Lorem ipsum” text but not the draft one.

I assume that means the Shortcut I posted works, but yours does not as mine neither “pasted” nor used Drafts or had a “draft” in it, and it was only written to make a single append to a single Apple note.

Can you share your shortcut? We can’t debug or advise further without getting hands on with the details of what you have put together.

I use drafts to run the shortcut you shared

this is the “Notes append” drafts action


Okay. Let’s take a step back. What it is doing is exactly what it is configured to do. What do you want it to do?

Add the draft content to the Apple note? Add the appended to Apple Note content to the current draft, create a new draft containing the content of the Apple Note,…?

There is a lot of scope for what your setup could be intebtlded to do, but as it stands, it does not sound like you have configured it to do what you expect/want.

As an aside try and post your action links as unlisted directory links otherwise the forum does not recognise them and you have to copy the link text out and open it in another app, such as Drafts. I ran into this issue early in my own use of this forum.

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I am just trying to make it append the draft text to the apple note

I will need to take a better look at how to post the links

Here’s a shortcut and Drafts action combination that will pass the content of the draft to a named shortcut. The shortcut will ask you to select the note to append to and then append to that note. Meanwhile, you will be returned to Drafts.

Install them from the links below.

Have a read of this section in the documentation on how to post to the directory.

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